Katete-Kikwayi - Weebale

Katete-Kikwayi Waterproject

The village of Katete-Kikwayi in a hilly area in Uganda has a big problem, lack of safe water. The inhabitants, mostly women and children have to go long distances on foot to fetch water. This costs a lot of time and energy and can be quite dangerous.
The Weebale Foundation intends to carry out the project, so that the availability of water will improve for the whole village. A pump in a lower well will provide a tank on a hill with water. Through gravitation the water flows to taps along the road. Right from the beginning the local people have been intensely involved in the project to make sure there is public support. The water system is going to be built by the local people themselves with the support of and under supervision of Weebale. The water is safe and people pay for every jerrycan that is tapped to generate money for maintenance. The money is administered by a representative of the local community.

Costs of the project 185.847.256 ugx. (plus 20% overhead) € 66.500,- or ($ 74.055,- )(Based upon earlier projects the foundation calculates an overhead of 20%. (air tickets, transportation in Uganda, meetings with governmental people, etc.)

All this for Weebale, which means “Thank you” in the language of the Ugandans.

The Weebale Foundation is concerned with realizing water projects in the poorest parts of Uganda. These projects are carried out by the local population and on account of the small-scale set-up of the organization it is possible to keep a close eye on the expenses and high overheads can be avoided.
Founders of Weebale are Krista Zumpolle and Robert Bloemendal. “It started as volunteer’s work, by accident almost. We were going to assist in putting in a water pipe for a school in Uganda. When we saw how useful and necessary this was, we just continued”. “Back in the Netherlands we tried to raise funds to realize more clean drinking water projects. We organized benefit galas, wine-tasting events and cultural city tours”. This made a number of projects possible such as the setting up of water pumps and rainwater tanks, buildings with sanitary conveniences, and a water project which the Nnabagereka, the Queen of the Kingdom of Buganda opened on March 27, 2013.

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